Title of Work Composer Copyright
A Musical Meditation for World Unity Pareek, Deepak Kumar
A Prayer for Salvation Davidson, Roger © 1985 Roger Davidson
A Prose Sonnet Woods, Julie Dolphin © 2006 Julie Dolphin Woods
Alleluia Davidson, Roger © 1993 Roger Davidson
Amen Davidson, Roger © 1988 Roger Davidson
Ashkina Farber, Sharon © 2004 Sharon Farber
Ayejael Cherokii Davidson, Roger © 1982 Roger Davidson
Ayejael ne Yesu Davidson, Roger © 1982 Roger Davidson
Ayejael Sufii Davidson, Roger © 1982 Roger Davidson
Be United All Humanity Davidson, Roger © 2010 Roger Davidson
Becoming Penman, Joshua © 2004 Joshua Penman
Chalice of God Taylor, Katy © 2003 Katy Taylor & Amy Fradon
Closer to You Than You Are to It Yourself Mettraux, Laurent © 2006 Laurent Mettraux
Concerto for Sitar and Orchestra Verma, Roop © 2006 Roop Verma
Dappled Things Dalglish, Malcom
DUA - Pray for Peace Tarman, Suleyman © 2010 Suleyman Tarman
Earth Is Our Mother Brubeck, Dave ©1993 Derry Music Company
Echad Raviv, Maya © 2006 Maya Raviv
Est Autem Fides Credere Trumbore, Dale ©2009 Dale Trumbore
Father, Who Art in Heaven Davidson, Roger ©1988 Roger Davidson
God is One Davidson, Roger © 2010 Roger Davidson
God Picks Up the Reed-Flute World Scearce, J. Mark © 2005 by J. Mark Scearce, BMIAll Rights Reserved
Grand Days Ahead Davidson, Roger © 2010 Roger Davidson
He Comes Malachevsky, Eduardo Andrés © 2005 Eduardo Andrés Malachevsky
Hilsen Til Danmark Davidson, Roger music ©1996 Roger Davidson; text ©1980 by Vandrer mod Lyse
In Aure Dei Chuang, Cheri © 2005 Cheri Chuang
In the Beginning McKinley, William Thomas © 2007 William Thomas McKinley
Jubilate Deo Turcotte, Ann-Marie © 2010 Ann-Marie Turcotte
Lay Me Low Dalglish, Malcom
Let There Be Peace Everyday Davidson, Roger
Let Us Hold Hands Davidson, Roger © 2010 Roger Davidson
Lux Aeterna Ligeti, Gyorgy
Lux Aeterna Lauricella, Massimo
Mabat Einecha Raviv, Maya © 2009 Ma Ya Raviv
Major autem ex his est caritas Wiener, Michael © 2010 Michael Wiener
Mandala for Dawn Cunio, Kim © 2006 Kim Cunio
Manniska - Human Being Emanuelsson, Ulrika
Mechthild von Magdeburg (Minnelieder an Got) Lee, Thomas Oboe © 2005 Departed Feathers, BMI
Missa Universalis Davidson, Roger © Musica Universalis
Missa Universalis II Davidson, Roger © 1989 Music Universalis
Missa Universalis III Davidson, Roger © 1991-2 Musica Universalis
Missa Universalis IV Davidson, Roger © 1992 Musica Universalis
Missa Universalis V Davidson, Roger © 2006 Roger Davidson
Missa Universalis VI Davidson, Roger © 2003 Roger Davidson
Musica Animam Tangens Shank, Joshua © 2010 Joshua Shank
O Come, Let Us Sing Unto The LORD Liebman, Nicholas David © 2004 Nicholas David Liebman
On the Threshold Korolyov, Anatoly
Only God is God Davidson, Roger © 2010 Roger Davidson
Open Your Heart In Gratitude Davidson, Roger © 2010 Roger C. Davidson
Our Father's House Davidson, Roger © 1989 Roger Davidson
Pax Vobiscum Gebuhr, Ann K.
Peace Kilstofte, Mark © 2004 Mark Kilstofte
Peace Mantra Pareek, Deepak Kumar
Raga Kalyan Seen, Kinnar Kumar
Raga Mishra Bhairavi Seen, Kinnar Kumar
Reciprocity Oswald, Rebecca © 2005 Rebecca Oswald
Road to the Light Davidson, Roger © 2010 Roger Davidson
Salmo 139 Chuaqui, Miguel © 2009 Miguel Chuaqui
Se O Papa Dissesse Simas, Luiz © 2010 Luiz Simas
Shalom Aleichem Raviv, Maya c 2011 ma ya Raviv
Shir HaMa'a alot Raviv, Maya © 2004 ma ya Raviv
Songs of Kabir Pareek, Deepak Kumar
Soul Song London, Frank © 2010 Frank London
The Divine Image White, John D. © 2007 by John White
The Family of God Cohn, Stephen © 2006 Stephen Cohn
The Great Invocation Ng, Nicholas © 2006 by Nicholas Ng
The Light of Your Spirit Davidson, Roger © 2010 Roger Davidson
The Lord is My Shepherd Hong, Sungji © 2007 Sungi Hong
The Message Deussen, Nancy © 2004 by Nancy Bloomer Deussen
The Ocean of Peace Lies Ahead of Me Cohen, Gerald © 2008 Associated Music Publishers (BMI)
The Peaceable Kingdom Bestor, Charles L. © 2005 Charles Bestor
The Prodigal Son Somary, Johannes
The Spirit Moves In Me Zaimont, Judith Lang © 2007 Judith Lang Zaimont
The Thread of Life Cunio, Kim
The Wisdom of Love Divine Davidson, Roger © 2010 Roger Davidson
Three Poems from das Stundenbuch Leland, Kurt
Three Spirituals Cohen, Robert S. © 2005 Robert S. Cohen
Throw the Window Open Dalglish, Malcom
To God of All Nations Nin, Chan Ka
To the Peacemakers Davidson, Roger © 2009 Roger Davidson
Tu Autem, Domine Davidson, Tina © 2004 Beyond the Blue Horizon Music
UniSpace Davidson, Roger
Universal Faith Davidson, Roger © 2010 Roger Davidson
Vater, Der Du Bist Im Himmel Davidson, Roger © 1988 Roger Davidson, text 1980 by Vander mod Lysets Vorlag